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"We cannot become ourselves, by ourselves.” ~Claire Zammit


It is true that when one hikes in nature for several days at a time, whatever is lurking in our consciousness, and sometimes even our subconsciousness, comes forward with great clarity.  The awareness might be a behavior pattern we want to change.  A dream we are wanting to pursue.  The path not taken that we are now wanting to take.  A creative insight that we want to act on.  A relationship that needs tending to, and sometimes that relationship is the one we have with ourself.  Whatever has come forward, it feels clear.  And we probably even know what we need to do to act on what has become clear, but for a variety of reasons we don’t, aren’t or think we can’t.  The reason for that is usually FEAR. Fear is generated on the inside, and not outside of us.  


I am here to help heal and resolve the patterns, misbeliefs, misidentifications and misunderstandings that make up the narrative and the fear that is holding you back. If it is time for you to move forward and live in that clarity that was revealed, you will feel it.  If you’re ready to respond to what nature has shown you and need some help navigating the process, I am here to help with a set of world class skills and experiences to support you in achieving it. 


Contact me at if you want to talk about what we can accomplish for you, together.  Give yourself the permission to be happy.  To be successful.  To be alive!

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