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About Us



We promote the healing of people and the planet through walking.


We Walk

OneWalk exists to enrich the walking and healing experience. We offer spiritual technologies and practices to maximize the benefits of walking in nature. 


We Walk in Purpose

OneWalk is the only guiding company that supports the inner journey, as well as the outer journey. The soul journey, as well as the physical journey. We meet you at the level of your experience in both.

We are a Community

OneWalk is a community that understands we can fill ourselves with positive energy and blanket the earth with that same positive energy as we move around our neighborhoods, our communities, and the globe.


We are born to walk. Every great event in the world has started with a walk. When humanity first stood up, it walked. When Gandhi changed history by making salt on the beach at Dandi, he didn’t drive the 200 miles, he walked. MLK walked the bridge at Selma. We walk down the aisle to make our sacred expression of love. We don’t commemorate our first sit, we commemorate our first walk. For some reason, the universe designed it such that there is nothing better we can do for ourselves, on every level, than to walk. We were born to walk. It is important to us to walk.


The greatest event that starts with a walk is the choosing of our own wellbeing, our own self, our own new life. Let’s walk ourselves and our world into a better place. 

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