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Our guiding philosophy


If you are longing for an adventure like you’ve never had before, we invite you to come on a hike with us! We specialize in guiding people on their first distance hike.


OneWalk is in the business of making the outdoors accessible to those yearning to experience its beauty. For us there is no greater joy than guiding and witnessing the experience of a person on a long journey through nature.  


We offer a limited number of trips a year, all on trails that we know and consider appropriate for new hikers.  


Distance hiking can open a beautiful landscape of experience, both physical and spiritual. OneWalk is unique in supporting the spiritual experience with equal care as we give the physical experience.


How do we support your success?


On the physical level, OneWalk does all the route planning and trip organizing (hotels, group meals, transportation, and daily baggage transport). We provide a comprehensive packing list for your selected trip. We also provide guidance and support in preparing your body for the endeavor ahead. We do this through 2 group zoom calls before the trip, leaving you enough time to actually do the appropriate training. In our opinion, it takes a minimum of 3 months to prepare for the hikes we offer. The timing of the zoom sessions are planned accordingly.  We also share tips on how to take care of your body along the way.  


On the spiritual level, our experience is that a beautiful inner journey will be inevitable for most of our clients. Being immersed in the awe of Nature, and in the rhythm of walking for hours a day, leads to reflection, deep awareness, clarity, connecting to your authentic self, an awakening to the presence of love in your life, peace, and other experiences we group into the moniker “Spiritual Journey.” To open the pathway to that inner experience, which is uniquely between you and Mother Nature, you will have a private zoom session with us before departing to set some intentions. We ask for you to reflect on the following questions…


How might you like to meet yourself anew on this hike?

What might you like to release?

What might you like to discover?


After the hike and when you are back home, we will host a group zoom session to offer closing and reflection on what we all experienced. You will also have an opportunity for a private zoom call to explore anything that came up that you’d like to revisit or explore. These can be key for integrating all that you unlocked into your life going forward.


There is a physical experience and an inner experience waiting for YOU.

And a whole lot of fun!

Come join us.

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